When I met and worked with Sarah I felt heard and respected. She was so friendly and approachable. She had a lot of genuine heartfelt empathy and concern for my son Xavier and I and we both felt very comfortable and relaxed by her presence and philosophy and therapy.
I would definitely recommend Sarah for her professional services and kind and gentle manner. It was just the support and healing that both my son and I needed.                                         - Becky

Luca is doing amazingly well after your treatments, he has stopped having tummy pain, turns his head both sides and is a lot more content. - Rebecca

I took my daughter to see Sarah after issues with wind and constipation. Sarah was really knowledgeable and so lovely with my daughter, who seemed relaxed during treatments almost as if she was enjoying them! The wind issue definitely improved after a couple of sessions and my baby girl has seemed a lot more comfortable in that regard.

   - JA

When I met Sarah my baby and I really needed some help to manage our situation. As a result of my labour and birth I developed PTSD and anxiety. I felt my baby's unsettledness and inability to sleep was my failure as a mum. My son had a blocked tear duct and weepy eye and straight after one session of craniosacral therapy this disappeared. I found the treatment relaxed both my baby and myself and gave us a chance to bond together after what we had both been through. I felt listened to and heard for the first time after feeling very let down by our experience in hospital.             RB

I found the treatment was  beneficial in regards to Finlay's upset stomach, it help to calm him when he was upset and was experiencing discomfort.  Sarah had an amazing way with Finlay, she was very calm, soothing, gentle and even at 6 weeks was able to get smiles out of him.

 - Kerryn

During my pregnancy I received craniosacral therapy treatment from Sarah. It was incredibly relaxing and most uplifting. It helped ease the acid reflux brought on by pregnancy. Once my baby was born I continued to see Sarah and was amazed to see that during a cranio treatment my baby was mega relaxed and calm. My baby is now 6 weeks old and has had a great start with weekly cranio from week 1. Thank you.                               - Amy


Sarah is a wonderful nurturing therapist. It really helped after being in hospital. - Judy 



I have been seeing Sarah for around six months now and I love her gentle, caring nature. I always feel comfortable and looked after and her treatments are absolute bliss, particularly since I’m often very unwell. I have found this to be a kinder treatment than others and I can’t wait for my next one! I would highly recommend Sarah and trying craniosacral therapy, it really is amazing.         -Jess A





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